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  1. What is the temperature of the water?
    The temperature of the Indoor Pool’s water is 82 degrees year-round. The Outdoor Pool is heated by the natural sunlight.
  2. Do you have lifeguards on duty?
    Yes, they are certified by the American Red Cross.
  3. Are you required to wear a swim cap?
  4. How long is your pool?
    The Indoor Pool is 50 meters long (one way; 100 meters per lap) and 7 lanes wide. The Outdoor Pool is a recreational facility.
  5. What are your age limitations?
    Persons 13 years and older may come in unaccompanied with a valid military ID. Persons under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult 18 or older.
  6. Can we bring our own toys?
    Yes, except inflatables.
  7. Can my child wear water wings? If not do you have lifejackets?
    No water wings or inflatables are permitted inside of the pool area. We offer lifejackets at both facilities.
  8. Is your pool ADA acceptable?
    Yes, we have chair lifts available.
  9. Do you have a viewing area?
    Yes, it is located upstairs at the Indoor Pool.
  10. Can I wear PTs in the pool?
    Yes, as long as you have some sort of undergarments underneath your PTs.
  11. Are lockers and showers available?
    Yes, there are showers and lockers available at the Indoor Pool. The Outdoor Pool facility does not have showers or lockers.
  12. Is there a cost? If so, how much?
    There is no cost for the Indoor Pool. For the Outdoor Pool, please see pricing details under the "Prices" tab above.
  13. How often do you have swim lessons?
    Swim lessons are not available at this time.
  14. How many guests per ID card holder?
    Authorized ID Card users who are over the age of 18 are allowed 2 guests. All guests need to show photo ID.
  15. What classes do you offer?
    Scuba lessons coming soon.
  16. Do you have a sauna?
  17. How do I reserve the pool?
    For the Indoor Pool, you must submit a memo at least 2 weeks in advance. The Outdoor Pool is available for birthday parties during the season. Please call for more information.
  18. Do you have recreational swimming?
    The Outdoor Pool is completely recreational.
  19. Do you have a swim team?
  20. How tall must you be to ride the slide?
    You must be 48 inches OR be able to swim.
  21. Do you have to have a military ID?

    No, you can access the facility if you have an AIE card or if you are associated with the military (Active Duty, Reserve, Guard, Contractor or DoD Civilian).

  22. Are we allowed to leave and come back with our wristbands?
    Yes, as long as the wristband is kept on your person.
  23. Why do I have to cover up if I’m going to my car?
    Army and Post Regulation states that you must be covered (shirt, shorts/pants and shoes).
  24. Where can I smoke around here?
    50 feet away from any building on Post.
  25. Do you have towels or goggles?
    We offer a selection of goggles, but they do run out on occasion since they are from the lost and found. Please bring your own towel.
  26. How far is a mile?
    About 16 full laps (down and back).
  27. How deep is your pool?
    Both facilities have a deep end of 12 feet.
  28. How far is 800 yards?
    7 full laps and then half the length of the pool at the Indoor Pool.
  29. Do you have to take a swim test?
    No, unless you would like to jump from the high dive or ride the slide at the Outdoor Pool.
  30. Are you allowed to bring outside food or a cooler to the pool?
    You may bring drinks and coolers that are smaller than 12 inches wide by 12 inches tall by 12 inches deep (lunch box size). We maintain the right to check it. No glass or alcohol is allowed.
  31. Do I have to show my ID every time I come to the pool?
    Yes, even if you purchased a membership pass.