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Registration Privileges

The following personnel are eligible for library privileges:

  • Active Duty and Retired Military, Sponsored Family Members, Fort Eisenhower Civilian Employees and Fort Eisenhower Students.
  • Military or Government ID card must be presented and patron must be registered in the library system in order to use computers or check-out materials.
  • Material Check-outs are not allowed for patrons leaving/clearing Post within a two-week or less time-frame.
  • Children under 10 years of age cannot utilize computers or check-out independent of their Sponsor.

Loan Time-Frames

  • 21 Day Loan: Books, Audiobooks (limit 4), and CDs (limit 4).
  • 7 Day Loan: DVDs (limit 2)
  • A maximum of 2 renewals will be granted as long as the item is not on hold for another.

Overdue Items

Bringing materials back on time ensures availability and fair use for all our patrons. Please be considerate and return your materials by the date due. The following procedures will be utilized to retrieve all overdue materials:

  • 7+ days: First Notice delivered to patron via email.
  • 14+ days: Second Notice delivered to patron via email.
  • 28+ days: Third Notice delivered to patron via email.
  • 29+ days: Final Attempt and notice to patron via email and phone; Sponsor’s Commanding Officer may be notified.
  • 90+ days: DD139 will be issued to retrieve the cost of materials from payroll deduction.

Replacement of Lost/Damaged Items

Patrons have several options to replace any lost/damaged items they may have incurred:

  • Items may be replaced with a staff approved equivalent item (same format, title, and condition).
  • Items may be paid for via cash, money order, or payroll deduction (DD139).

Fees/Printing Limits

  • The Library does not charge late fees or printing fees.
  • The coin copier is for public use and charges 25¢ per copy
  • Computer prints are limited to 10 pages.

Expected Courtesy

  • Please reserve cell phone use for outside the library.
  • Distracting/disruptive behavior will be directed outside the library. Severe incursions may result in a loss of Library privileges and/or be reported through the Sponsor’s Chain of Command.
  • Children under 13 must be accompanied by parent or sponsor at all times.
  • Proper attire and shoes are required at all times.