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Theatre Etiquette


As a courtesy to our other guests and to the actors on stage, please refrain from talking during the performance.

Remain in your seats

For your safety, we ask that during the performance all our guests remain in their seats until the house lights are fully up at the end of each act. In addition to the safety concerns, the actors, staff and crew work very hard to provide you with a quality production. Please do not exit during the curtain call.


We are very aware that your entertainment choices are many. We expect all of our employees to treat our guests in a polite and respectful manner (and hope that you will let us know if we vary from this standard in any way). We ask that our guests treat our employees in the same manner.

Turn off electronic devices

Please turn off cell phones, pagers, beeping watches and all other electronic devices that may be distracting to the performers or other patrons.


We want you to be comfortable and relaxed at our events, yet we encourage a minimum standard of business casual attire. This standard is relaxed for our Soldiers in training who may not have access to civilian clothing during some phases of training.