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Private Organization Services

Private Organizations (POs) that wish to operate at Fort Eisenhower are required to register with the PO coordinator. The paperwork must be reviewed by the office of the Staff Judge Advocate, and Internal Review and Audit Compliance, and approved by the Garrison Commander. The process takes approximately 60 to 90 days and must be completed before an organization is granted authorization to operate as a PO at Fort Eisenhower.

POs that are currently approved to operate at Fort Eisenhower must renew their status every 2 years from the date of their last approved request. This must be completed prior to expiration of the organization's most recent approval in order to continue uninterrupted operations on Fort Eisenhower.

POs must maintain a current record with the Directorate of Family and MWR at all times and submit documents in accordance with the DFMWR SOP. Failure to maintain a current record will result in loss of status as a PO. Permission to operate may be revoked at any time.

POs operating on the installation must adhere to Army Regulation (AR) 210-22, POs on Department of the Army Installations, 22 October 2001 and Department of Defense Instruction (DoDI) 1000.15, POs on DoD Installations, 23 October 1997.


  1. AR 210-22 – PO's on Department of Army Installations
  2. DoDI 1000.15 – PO's on Department of Defense Installations
  3. Use of DOD Component and Installation names
  4. AR 1-211 – Attendance of Military & Civilian Personnel at PO Meetings
  5. JER – Section 3-211, 3-210 and 3-211
  6. AR 600-29 – Fundraising on Department of Army Installations
  7. Garrison Commander's Policy Memo No. 13
  8. Disclaimer
  9. DFMWR SOP – Private Organizations
  10. SJA Info Paper
  11. Request to Operate
  12. Requirements – Good Standing
  13. Sample Constitution/Bylaws
  14. Required Clauses
  15. Sample Audit
  16. Sample Financial Statement
  17. Sample Annual Activities
  18. Sample of Fundraising Request
  19. Sample Donation Request
  20. Sample Release of Liability
  21. Revalidation Info
  22. Sample Revalidation Request
  23. List of private organizations on Fort Eisenhower
  24. SFRG Fundraising Request Form
  25. Off-Post Fundraising Request Form
  26. Fundraising SOP
  27. Fundraising FAQ
  28. Liability Waiver Insurance
  29. PO Guidance